BETTER Mansion Water Bottle


Better Mansion Water Bottle
BETTER Mansion Water Bottle  1,695.00

Home Servicing Warranty.

  • Finish: Modern finish for a contemporary appearance
  • Design: Bulky look
  • Capacity: 1300 ml
  • Cap: Mechanical cap lock with sipper
  • Durability: Durable construction
  • Handle: Comes with a handle for easy carrying
  • Insulation: 8 hours of insulation for temperature retention
  • Double Wall Insulation: Features a double-insulated wall design
  • Base: Rubber base for extra grip
  • Dimensions: 27x12x14 cm

With a modern finish and bulky design, the BETTER MANSION bottle makes a bold statement. Its large 1300ml capacity means fewer refills. The mechanical cap locks securely and the sipper allows easy sipping.

The durable stainless steel body withstands daily use. It remains condensation-free thanks to the double insulated wall that keeps drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 24. The handle and rubber base provide a sturdy, easy grip.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading to class, or commuting, the BETTER MANSION bottle is up for the task. Its ample capacity will keep you refreshed all day long. The secure lid ensures leakproof transport.

Carry bold style and ample hydration with you everywhere with the BETTER MANSION Water Bottle.


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