Water Dispenser

Buy the best water dispensers in Nepal at affordable prices at BETTER Home Appliances.
BETTER Home Appliances’ range of water dispensers are a great addition to your home, office, school or any other setting. Get a hot and cold water dispenser to add to your kitchen or other rooms to get quick access to your preferred drinking water temperature.
Buy water dispensers at BETTER that dispense hot, chilled or room temperature water for drinking. We offer water dispensers that come in different sizes for your convenience.
BETTER’s hot and cold water dispensers are suitable for both summer and winter. All our dispensers come in ABS bodies with two or three water dispensers depending on the variants. For hot water, the temperature can reach up to 90 degrees celsius.
These electrical water dispensers connect to an electrical power socket to keep your water warm or chilled. They can fit a 20 litre water jar so that you have ample water to quench your thirst. Stay hydrated and healthy with BETTER Home Appliances water dispensers today!
BETTER offers water dispensers for home or office at great prices as well as various other beverage appliances.
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