Momo Maker

No home can be complete without a momo steamer! But forget about the traditional momo steamers which require gas to steam momos in. BETTER Home Appliances offers electrical momo steamers that steam momos in minutes without the hassle of placing it in the stove.
The BETTER Electric 3 Steam Chamber Momo Maker makes it safe to use. You can steam momos, vegetables, fish, buns and many more! This induction steamer momo provides fast cooking so that you can bring out the snacks in double the time! Now you can enjoy momo parties as they should be enjoyed with less time in front of the stove and more time eating those delicious momos. The electric momo steamer has a strong and quality built body which makes it durable and long lasting. It has a capacity of 2 litres each.
BETTER offers electric momo steamers and other cooking appliances at affordable prices online.