Bread Toaster

Buy the best toaster in Nepal at affordable prices at BETTER Home Appliances.

Make the perfect toasted bread in minutes with BETTER Home Appliances’ bread toasters in Nepal. Put an end to the daily struggle of what to eat for breakfast. Our toaster machines are perfect for making the ideal breakfast with toasted bread and butter. A quick and easy meal, you can make delicious sandwiches or toast other breads such as bagels or paninis.

The electric toaster uses heat radiated to warm up slices of bread. Our best toasters prepare warm toasts in minutes for a quick and easy breakfast which can be eaten on the go.

The Better Toaster Butter 2 comes with 6 settings and 2 large variable slots, while our Better Toaster Butter 4 comes with 4 large variable slots. The settings help you to choose the perfect heat for your toast bread whether you want fully browned toast for that crunch, medium browned toast to make tasty sandwiches or mildly browned toast to add your favourite spread. The integrated bun rack also allows you to warm your favorite buns, pastries and rolls easily. The Stop button allows you to to stop the toasting process at any time while the high lift feature easily removes small pieces of bread from the toaster machine.

BETTER offers bread toasters at great prices as well as various breakfast gadgets.
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