Kitchen Glassware

Buy glassware online in Nepal at best prices.

Glassware provides an elegant way to serve cold and room temperature drinks like a glass of water, juice, cold drinks or other types of refreshments. BETTER’s range of glassware such as glass tea cups are ideal for home or commercial use.

BETTER glassware comes in different shapes and sizes such as drinking glasses ranging from 180 ml to 225ml. It also comes in fun designs and patterns to match your kitchen aesthetics.

You can buy glassware online at BETTER Home Appliances. These glass tea cups have a heavy base, with a study handle to fill with hot or cold drinks. They come in sets of 6 and are high quality glassware to buy online in Nepal.

The high quality drinking glasses are reinforced with sturdy rim and perfectly balanced portions so that they feel comfortable on your hands. Elegant silhouette and robust base of the mug would equally fit for any private or commercial drinkware set.

BETTER offers glassware sets, crockery sets, cups and mugs and other kitchen utensils at affordable prices.