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Gas stoves work with the help of LPG gas so they are commonly known as LPG gas stoves in the market. BETTER Home Appliances has a wide range of LPG gas stoves at affordable prices for Nepal. Our 2 burner and 3 burner gas stoves come in two variants, one that has a metal body, and another with a marble body. Both gas stoves are perfect for cooking and will look sleek in your kitchen.
People have traditionally been cooking over an open flame since time immemorial, so it is instinctual for a person to cook over a flame. Gas stoves are preferred by everyone for their convenience and visual indication of the open flame which signifies how high or low the temperature is. Traditional gas stoves usually have burner gas stoves with a metal or non-flammable body attached to an ignition gas.
Use LPG gas stoves for cooking in a utensil or for cooking directly on the flame. You can directly place vegetables such as chillies, tomatoes or capsicums to char them over the flame to prepare tasty achaars with a smoky flavour. Or, you can cook rotis and papads over the open flame for a quick and tasty snack.
BETTER Home Appliances LPG gas stove in Nepal are very stylish and modern kitchen appliances for cooking. Buy the best gas stoves at BETTER.
BETTER offers LPG gas stoves at great prices as well as various cooking appliances online.
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