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Buy electric kettle at best prices in Nepal.
The BETTER Gixxer Electric Kettle allows you to boil large amounts of water within minutes. This electric kettle is built from stainless steel and is double equipped with a steel interior body which not only keeps the beverage warm but also makes it sturdy. It also has an auto power cutoff technology which prevents the water from non-stop boiling.

The BETTER electric kettle is a great addition for your home or office use. And it has water capacity ranging from 4 litres to 7 litres. You can buy an electric kettle at the best price in Nepal to have hot water within reach at any given time. This electric kettle has features such as an overheat protection, long copper wire for mobility, and an auto power cutoff. It also comes with a one year warranty.

BETTER offers a range of home electronics like electric kettles as well as table fans, room heaters, fan heaters, stand fan, PTC wall heaters, vaporizer, electric geyser, gas geyser, iron and kitchen appliances such as rice cooker, pressure cooker, gas stove, induction cooker etc.