When it comes to Home Appliances, Better is the go-to name because of its reputation as a quality manufacturer. We are the industry leaders because we provide the best home appliances in Nepal. Check out our large selection of Mixer grinders, induction, geysers, momo makers, crockery, and many more which have useful features for customers. Our innovation efforts are focused on generating goods that enhance the quality of life while preserving the environment and its limited resources. Aside from that, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with our vast choice of home appliances prices.

Make Life BETTER.

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BETTER Home Appliances in Nepal


better home appliances

Our Mission

Our company’s existence and operations would not be possible without the long-term business relationships we strive to build with our clients. Its goal is to supply our clients with the greatest home appliances possible.

Design, Quality, and Service are the three pillars around which we have built our company. The pursuit of new ideas and methods for enhancing existing ones. Our first goal will always be to make our customers happy. To the complete delight of our loyal consumers, we provide high-quality goods and services. When we have the right people in place, we can achieve our objectives. To conduct ourselves in a manner that is fair to all parties. To prepare our employees for the challenges of the future by focusing on their personal growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use cutting-edge technology so that we are able to provide our clients with cost-effective and fast solutions. People’s lives are being improved because of our exceptional customer service. When it comes to giving back to our customers, BETTER Home Appliances takes it very seriously. 

BETTER Home Appliances goal is to become the top appliance business in Nepal in terms of customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction. Demands for goods have grown even as innovation and the number of new items have accelerated in recent years. We strive to provide innovation along with quality products.