PTC Wall Heater

Buy a PTC wall heater in Nepal at BETTER Home Appliances.
A PTC wall heater is best for small spaces as you don’t have to place a heater on the floor. Instead, an electric wall heater is mounted on the wall. This wall-mounted electric heater generates heat using the heating element of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic. Once the power is applied to the wall heater, the electrical resistance of the ceramic also increases. PTC wall-mounted electric heaters have a similar utility to that of fan heaters. However, wall heaters have PTC ceramic, which is semi-conductive.
BETTER wall-mounted heater can be used to heat up rooms on cold winter days. As it is mounted on the wall, there will be no space clutter, keeping your rooms clean and clutter-free.
BETTER offers PTC wall heaters and other home appliances at affordable prices. Also, check out the fan heater and room heater.