Better Paris Deluxe Rice Cooker

 2,995.00 4,195.00

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Better Paris Deluxe Rice Cooker  2,995.00 4,195.00

Home Servicing Warranty.

Specifications :

  • Weight: Thick and Heavy
  • Mode: Automatic
  • Cooking Pot: Detachable
  • Colour: White & Maroon
  • Copper: 100%
  • Thermostat additional safety
  • 1-year warranty
  • Jointless body
  • Quality-graded and hygienic

Cooking rice is now a matter of minutes that requires no supervision at all with the Better Paris Deluxe Rice Cooker Drum. It has a Premium & Joint-less body which gives you a detachable pot for comfort. This hassle-free rice cooker comes with 100% copper blades. It’s ready to eat right out of the container once it’s been cooked.

The BETTER Paris electric rice cooker is designed for small families with fewer members, featuring a single body and a non-detachable handy rice cooker handle. This electric rice cooker is perfect for the winter season as it can keep food warm for a longer period of time. The control switch lever ensures automatic cooking and shifts to “Keep Warm mode” once the rice is cooked. The rice cooker also comes with two indicators, “Cook” and “Warm,” and additional accessories like a momo steamer, cup, and spatula. The graduated aluminum cooking pan allows for efficient and even cooking of rice, ensuring a perfect texture every time. The thermostat’s additional safety feature measures the temperature inside the rice cooker and adjusts the heating element to maintain a consistent temperature, preventing overcooking or burning of the rice. BETTER Paris electric rice cookers are a great choice for small families who want to enjoy perfectly cooked rice with ease.

Power Consumption

1.5Ltr : 600 Watt
1.8Ltr : 900 Watt
2.2Ltr : 1000 Watt
2.8Ltr : 1100 Watt

Additional information


1.5Ltr, 1.8Ltr, 2.2Ltr, 2.8Ltr


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