Better Flip Electric Geyser, 25LTR


Better Flip Electric Geyser, 25LTR  18,095.00

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  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Equipped
  • Anti Corrosive ABS Body
  • Shock Proof System
  • High Accurate Thermostat Control
  • Multi Functional Safety Valve
  • Single Weld Line Tank
  • Fashionable Design
  • 5 year warranty on tank
  • 2 year warranty on product 
  • Powder Coated Metal Body

Introducing the Better Flip Electric Geyser, your go-to solution for hot water needs. Equipped with an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, this geyser guarantees maximum safety. The anti-corrosive ABS body and shockproof system ensure durability and reliability. With the high accurate thermostat control and multi-functional safety valve, you can trust that your hot water needs will be met with precision and care. The single weld line tank and fashionable design make it an excellent addition to any household. Plus, with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the tank, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. Get the Better Flip Electric Geyser today and enjoy quick, reliable hot water whenever you need it.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 120 cm

White, Red




2 KW