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Buy the best rice cookers in Nepal at affordable prices.
A staple of every Asian household, a rice cooker is a necessity to make healthy and nutritious meals at home. BETTER Home Appliances have the best rice cookers in Nepal that are great for everyday use. Cook the tastiest, fluffiest and well-cooked rice with our range of electric rice cookers.
Our rice cookers come in detachable and non-detachable lids and are easy to use. These rice cookers are durable and can stand regular use, and are made from fireproof plastic. They also come in beautiful designs that are aesthetically pleasing for your kitchens.
BETTER rice cookers in Nepal are non-stick with 100% copper blades. They come in different sizes for all capacities. They are mostly preferred in a capacity like 1.5 litres to 2.8 litres and are good enough for a nuclear family. So no need to go asking around for rice cooker’s price in Nepal, as we provide the best bargain rates.

BETTER offers rice cookers and other cooking appliances at great prices.
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