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Which type of room heater is best?

In case you are thinking of sitting comfortably in a warm room this winter, then it’s time for you to get a room heater. Wait, are you confused about which room heater you should get? I understand your confusion regarding the type of heater that will be best for heating your room as there are several options available. 

Figuring out which type of room heater is best can be quite confusing in case you do not know the types of room heaters available, their uses, and their properties. In this blog, we will be exploring in-depth about the room heaters, so that you’ll be able to answer the question: Which type of room heater is best?

What are Room Heaters? 

As the name itself suggests, room heaters are heating devices designed to heat a small space such as a single room. Room heaters are usually used as supplement heating to the main heating system.

If you want an extra heat source alongside the main heating system for your room then Room Heaters can be a perfect fit to keep you warm. 

Types of Room Heaters 

For deciding which type of heater is the best, it’s really important for us to discuss different types of room heaters available. Let’s get into knowing some of the common types of room heaters,

Convection Heaters 

Convection Heaters are a type of electric room heaters that use the convection principle as the fundamental heat transfer mechanism. It uses natural airflow to transfer heat to the entire room.

When a convection heater is plugged into a power source the heating element inside the heater heats up. The heat is then transferred through air circulation in the room.

Radiant and Infrared Heaters

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Radiant and Infrared heaters are the ones that convert electrical energy into radiant energy. They emit electromagnetic waves into the air which is based on the principle of infrared radiation.

Unlike convection heaters that transfer heat by circulating it through the air, infrared heaters transmit heat directly to the object or people focused without heating the air. Halogen heaters and Quartz heaters are among the popular radiant heaters. 

Fan Heaters

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Fan heaters are the other type of electric heaters that have a fan as well as a heating element in it. When the heating element heats up the fan blows air over the heated element distributing the warm air into the entire room.

Fan heaters are popular for quickly distributing heat over the entire space and for longer heat retention. Do you want to understand the difference between Halogen heater, a popular radiant heater and Fan heater? Make sure you read Halogen Heater vs. Fan Heater.

Oil Filled Heaters 

Also known as oil-filled radiators, oil-filled heaters are a type of electric room heater that uses electricity to heat a reservoir of thermal oil that slowly releases the heat.

These heaters also operate in the principle of convection heating providing a consistent and efficient way to warm a room.

Choosing the Right Room Heater 

The next thing we need to get to know before we jump into deciding the best type of room heater is to know about things we should consider while choosing the room heater. Here are a few important things to consider while choosing the right room heater.

Size and Heating Capacity

Room heaters come in different sizes with different heating capacities, you will have to choose the room heater according to the size of your room or the space you want to heat. 


As room heaters are not primarily used as a central heating system, you likely want to move heaters between rooms according to your needs. So, the room heater must be lightweight and easily portable.

Energy efficiency 

As we have discussed earlier there are different types of room heaters, every heater has its way of transferring heat. However, you should keep in mind about the energy consumption and its effectiveness in heating your desired space.

Safety Features 

When it comes to electrical devices and especially heaters, one of the important things to consider is safety. Make sure you choose a room heater that has overheating protection as well as tip-over switches for safe use.

Which type of room heater is best? 

As different room heaters have their own specialties and use different heat transfer mechanisms they have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Convection heaters as well as fan heaters and oil-filled heaters use convection mechanisms to transfer heat while radiant and infrared heaters use infrared radiation mechanisms.

Convection room heaters, fan heaters, and oil-filled heaters might take a bit longer to warm a room but retain the heat for a longer time. On the other hand infrared heaters might be quick in heating the room but are unable to retain heat for a longer time.

Similarly, infrared heaters offer directional heating by focusing heat directly on objects while other room heaters heat the entire space by heating air.

Deciding the best room heater completely depends upon your heating needs. In case you need quick and directional heating then infrared heaters can be a perfect match for your need. While if you require longer heat retention and space heating, convection heaters will serve your need.


Selecting the right room heater can be confusing as there are different options available. Convection heaters, radiant heaters, fan heaters as well and oil-filled heaters are the common types of room heaters. 

Different types of room heaters have their own heat transfer mechanism for distributing heat to the room. However, there are a few things to consider while choosing a room heater such as size, safety, portability, and energy efficiency no matter what type of room heater you use.

The answer to the question: which type of room heater is best depends completely upon your heating requirements.

If you are looking for quick and directional heating then you should consider choosing infrared room heaters. In case of space heating and longer heat retention, convection heaters, fan heaters, and oil-filled heaters can serve your room heating needs. 

It’s not over yet!

Whether you choose a fan heater, convection heater, radiant heater, or oil-filled heater make sure you keep safety features as a top priority. In this case, make sure you visit Better Home Appliances for quality and affordable room heaters.

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