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Know the Facts: Is fan heater good for health?

While it’s important to keep yourself warm in this cold winter that’s approaching, don’t you think it’s equally important to consider your health? In that case, you need to be aware of choosing heaters this winter as they are the ones that are going to help you keep warm.

If you are considering getting a fan heater, then this blog can be quite helpful. We will be exploring in-depth one of the most common room heaters, the fan heaters. Make sure you stick till the end of the blog to know: is fan heater good for health?

Fan Heaters and It’s Working

Fan heaters are one of the popular types of electric room heaters that are commonly used for localized heating. 

Can you guess why the heater is named Fan heater? Well it’s simple, it’s because the fan heater consists of a fan in the heater itself. Now, you might be wondering what’s the work of the fan in the heater. Let me explain, 

A fan heater consists of a heating element usually made up of nichrome (Nickel-Chromium) alloy, ceramics to name a few. All of them have high electrical resistance making them generate heat once the electricity passes through them. 

Now, here comes the role of the fan. When the heating element generates heat due to its resistance heating effect, the fan draws cool air from the surrounding. It then directs the air over the heating element. The air absorbs heat from the heating element and then the fan expels warm air to circulate in the room.

Potential Health Implications/ Side Effects of Fan Heaters 

While fan heaters are considered mostly safe for use, there might be some instances when they have health implications. Let’s get to know about some of the potential health implications of fan heaters : 

Respiratory Discomfort

Fan heaters along with other types of room heaters reduce the humidity present in the air. This is because of circulation of the dry air in the entire space it’s heating. 

Excess exposure to dry air can lead to various respiratory issues such as regulatory discomfort, and nasal congestion. In addition to that it can also impact your sleep.

Dust Allergies

We know that fan heaters use fans to circulate air around the room. This might also blow the dust particles in the floor into the air.

This can potentially lead to allergies from the dust and also respiratory difficulties for individuals with asthma.

Eye and Skin Irritation

As the fan heater directly circulates the warm air into the air, exposure to direct warm air might cause eye and skin irritation to sensitive individuals.

However, this problem might arise if you place fan heater very close to individuals or used for an extended period.

Overheating and Burns 

Most of the fan heaters come with safety features including overheating protection. However one without overheating protection or in case of its failure there are chances of overheating of the fan heater.

The overheating of fan heaters can cause physical damage such as burns and also might damage heaters.

Electric Shocks 

The risk of electric shock lies in every electric appliance. Same is the case with electric fan heaters. 

In case you neglect the safety guidelines mentioned in the fan heaters, there are chances that you expose yourself to health hazards such as electric shocks.

Preventing Health Implications 

By going through the health implications or side effects of fan heaters we can find that there are no such major health concerns due to the use of fan heaters. However in order to answer the question : is fan heater good for health it’s also equally important to find is it possible to avoid health implications caused by fan heater.

Most of the health implications that a fan heater causes can be easily mitigated. Let’s have a look at ways we can prevent the side effects of fan heaters.

Air Humidifier and Ventilation 

You can use an air humidifier to add moisture to dry air in case you are operating a fan heater in areas with low humidity. Adding moisture to air can prevent you from respiratory discomfort as well as eye and skin irritation.

In addition to that make sure you ensure proper ventilation where the fan heater is used.

Safety Features and Manufacturer’s Guidelines

You should look for fan heaters that have safety features such as tip-over protection as well as overheating protection. This helps you to avoid hazards such as overheating burns, and electric shocks.

In addition, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is equally important for avoiding hazards. Several accidents such as electric shocks, and burns arise due to user negligence rather than the fan heater itself.

Final Verdict: Is Fan Heater Good for Health?

Now we have gone through the potential health implications that can arise with the use of fan heaters and some of the ways to prevent them. It’s now time for us to finally decide whether a fan heater is good for health or not.

In actuality, fan heaters have some health implications, but we can easily avoid them if we adopt preventive measures. Also, these health concerns do not arise in every situation and do not pose any huge threat to health.

So, in case you have sensitive skin or respiratory issues then it’s better to use other heaters  such as halogen heaters which can also be used indoors . In any other cases, a fan heater does not impose any harmful effect on health if used carefully and without any negligence.


Fan heaters are one of the popular electric heaters that is effective for localized heating. It has a fan along with a heating element that helps in the distribution of hot air around the space.

While using a fan heater you may encounter respiratory discomfort, skin and eye irritation, and dust allergies if you have sensitive skin and respiratory system. On the other hand overheating, burns, and electric shocks mainly occur due to negligence and avoiding manufacturers guidelines. 

Since we can easily prevent health issues and they are not likely to pose any serious threat to health, fan heaters can be safe for use. However, if you have serious respiratory issues as well as allergic and sensitive skin, other heating alternatives such as halogen heaters can be helpful. 

Whether you need a fan heater or a halogen heater, Better Home Appliances has both of them, and you don’t need to worry about quality and safety features with heaters and other home appliances from Better Home Appliances.

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