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Unveiling the Mystery: How Does Induction Cooking Works

How many times have you been confused when someone has specified induction cooking while discussing a topic? If you still get confused about induction cooking and want to understand what it is, then you must stick to the end.

In this blog, we’ll be understanding in detail what induction cooking is and how it works. Along with that, we’ll also be discussing the benefits and advantages of using induction cooking. So let’s start with understanding what induction cooking is and how does induction cooking works.

What is Induction Cooking? 

Induction cooking involves electromagnetic induction to heat the cooking vessel directly as opposed to gas and other electric heating methods. Making it simple, unlike gas stoves and electric cooktop the induction cooktop does not heat the burner surface. It directly transfers heat from the induction coils to the cookware directly.

How does Induction Cooking work? 

In gas cooktops or electric cooktops, it’s first the burner surface that gets heated, and then the heat transfers to the cookware. However, it’s a bit different when it comes to induction cooking. Let’s find out how induction cooking is different from gas or electric cooktops.

The major difference between electric stoves and induction cooktop is that induction cooking works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. An induction cooktop consists of a flat, ceramic surface with induction coils underneath it. When an electric current passes through the induction coils, it generates a magnetic field.

When you place cookware with a magnetic bottom at the surface of the cookware, the magnetic field induces an electric current to the cookware. The induced magnetic field is responsible for generating heat directly into the cookware and this ultimately heats the cookware.

Benefits of Induction Cooking 

Now that we have gone through what induction cooking is and how does induction cooking works, let’s move ahead toward the benefits of induction cooking. When compared to other cooking alternatives, induction cooking has several advantages. Let’s look at the benefits of induction cooking one by one,


Induction cooking offers high efficiency as it offers faster cooking in comparison to other alternatives such as gas and electric cooking. As the heat is directly transferred to the cookware there is almost no heat loss in the process. This makes it possible to transfer heat to the cookware faster and ultimately results in cooking food faster.


When compared to other cooking options, induction cooking alternatives are safe for use. This is because there is no transfer of heat to the surface of the burner in the heating process. So you don’t need to worry about burns due to the residual heat present at the cooktop.

Temperature Control 

Induction cooking offers precise and instant temperature control and adjustment. Precise temperature control helps in the prevention of under and over-cooking of foods. 

Easy to Clean 

Like modern electric cooktops, induction cooktops have quite smooth surfaces. In addition to that the surface does not get heated up in the operation process. So you can clean the surface of the cooktop easily without any extra effort.

Drawbacks of Induction Cooking 

While the advantages of induction cooking make its drawbacks seem negligible, we will also be covering them. Here are some of the drawbacks of induction cooking,

Cookware Compatibility 

As we know induction cooking works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, it will only generate heat when the cookwares have a magnetic bottom. So, if you have non-compatible cookware, you’ll have to invest in the cookware too when getting an induction cooktop.

Initial Cost 

The initial investment you’ll be making on an induction cooktop might be slightly higher than that of a gas cooktop or electric cooktop. The investment might also arise because you need to invest additionally in cookware in addition to cookware. 

Dependence on Electricity 

Induction cooktops rely on electricity for operations. So, induction cooktops might not be suitable for places with unreliable power sources. 

How to choose an Induction Cooktop? 

better induction cooktops for induction cooking

I’m sure that after going through the working of induction and its benefits you’re now looking to get a new induction cooktop. So here are a few things you need to consider while choosing an induction cooktop,

Size and Number of Cooking Zones 

Induction cooktops come in different sizes and with several cooking zones. The first thing you need to consider while choosing an induction cooktop is the size and cooking zones. Access your size and cooking zone requirements before deciding on the cooktop.

Power Level

Checking the power levels and wattage of the induction cooktop is necessary so that you choose the right one according to your needs. Higher wattage generally allows faster heating. Decide the power levels you need and choose the cooktop accordingly.

Safety Features 

When it comes to choosing electrical appliances such as induction cooktops, safety features are the ones that you must consider. So, make sure the induction cooktops you choose have automatic shut-off, pan detection, and child safety locks.

Build Quality and Design 

Though we listed the initial cost as a drawback of an induction cooktop, it would only be a drawback if it doesn’t last for a long time. In case you invest in an induction cooktop with high build quality and design, it would be an investment rather than a cost.

So, you need to choose an induction cooktop with high build quality and design. For this, you need to look no further than a Better induction cooktop as there is no compromise when it comes to quality and design.


Induction cooking works on the principle of electromagnetic conduction. The induction coils present underneath the surface of the cooktop generate a magnetic field when it is connected to an electric source. This results in the production of heat when a cookware with a magnetic bottom is placed on the surface.

Induction cooking has benefits such as efficiency, safety, and temperature control as well as it is easy to clean. However, you’ll need cookware with a magnetic button and the initial cost might be slightly higher than other cooktop alternatives. 

Now I’m quite sure that you are clear about how does induction cooking works. Also, if you have made up your mind to get an induction cooktop make sure you visit Better Home Appliances for cooktops with sleek design and high quality.

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