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Do Electric Heaters emit Carbon Monoxide? An In-Depth Look

We are aware of the fact that Electric heaters are quite popular. One of the reason behind this is their convenience, but do electric heaters impose any harm to our health? This common concern pops into our minds when we consider buying one. As winter is almost here, in this blog, we’ll explore in detail if electric heaters affect our health. In addition, we’ll be debunking one of the common myths that has been a topic of discussion regarding heaters: Do electric heaters emit Carbon Monoxide?

Understanding Electric Heaters 

Let me explain in simple words: electric heaters are electric devices that convert electric current into heat with the help of resistors that emit radiant energy. 

Electric heaters use the heat transfer mechanisms, namely conduction, convection, or radiation, to convert the electric energy into heat energy.

Working of Electric Heaters 

Every electric heater consists of a heating element, which is known as an electric resistor. The electric resistor is responsible for the production of heat and transferring it to the area.

When you plug the electric heater into a power source, an electric current passes to the heating element that is present in the electric heater. Due to the resistance properties of the heating element, it produces heat.

Modern electric heaters have Nichrome, an alloy of chromium and nickel, as their heating element. Nichrome is inexpensive, has high resistance, and has good heat conductivity. This make them one of the popular choices for heating elements.

Fan Heaters 

One of the famous electric heaters is a fan heater, which consists of a heating element and a fan. When an electric current passes through the heating element, it heats up, and then a fan distributes the heat around the area.

Halogen Heaters 

Halogen heaters have been gaining popularity as they are highly energy-efficient and portable. They use halogen as their heating element within the heating lamp and bulb. 

When electricity passes through a halogen heater, the halogen element inside the bulb radiates light, heats the bulb, and finally, the lamp radiates instant heat in the area.

Are you interested in learning more about fan and halogen heaters and finding the right choice? Make sure you read Debunking the Myths: Can Halogen Heaters Be Used Indoors?

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are another type of electric heater that uses convection as the fundamental heat transfer mechanism. It works by heating the air by making contact with the heating element. 

Oil Filled Heaters

The other popular type of electric heaters are oil-filled heaters, which use electricity to heat a reservoir of thermal oil that later radiates warmth to the space. The heating element in oil heaters is immersed in a reservoir of thermal oil that acts as a reservoir which stores and slowly releases the heat.

Do Electric Heaters emit Carbon Monoxide?

Moving to our primary concern, let us now discuss whether the electric heaters actually emit carbon monoxide or not. Now that we have gone through the working of the electric heaters, I’m sure you already know how electric heaters produce heat. 

It’s the electric energy that is converted into heat energy by heating elements and then transferring the heat by different heat transfer mechanisms such as conduction, convection, or radiation.

Unlike combustion-based heating systems, such as gas or propane heaters, that can cause carbon monoxide build-up in your home, electric heaters do not burn any fuel to produce heat. 

As there is no burning of fuel involved and only electric energy is converted into heat energy, there’s no chance that the electric heaters emit carbon monoxide. So, electric heaters neither produce nor emit carbon monoxide.

Advantages of Electric Heaters 

Better electric heaters that do not emit carbon monoxide

Besides preventing you from exposure to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, in comparison to other combustion-based heating systems, electric heaters have other benefits too. Let’s get into exploring some of the advantages of electric heaters: 

Energy Efficient 

Electric heaters quickly convert electrical energy into heat energy, so they are pretty efficient in energy consumption. 

The heating elements in the electric heater quickly heats once the electricity passes through it. This results in rapid heat transfer around the space.


Unlike other heating systems, electric heaters are safe as they do not emit any harmful gases, making them safe for health. In addition, they come with tip-over switches and overheat protection that make them a safer alternative.


You can find a wide range of electric heaters, from fan heaters to halogen heaters and convection heaters. You can choose one that can be a perfect fit according to your needs.

Easy installation and portability

You usually do not need a helping hand to install electric heaters, and they are typically easy to install. In addition, their lightweight makes them highly portable so that you can move them according to your needs.

Final words 

Electric heaters are the ones that convert electric energy into heat energy. By transferring electricity to the heating element, which in turn produces heat that is transferred to the entire space.

There are a number of electric heaters, ranging from fan heaters to oil-filled heaters, that use electricity to produce heat. The answer to the question: Do electric heaters emit carbon monoxide, is a big no, as electric heaters do not burn any fuel to produce heat energy. Hence, they do not emit carbon monoxide or other harmful gases.

Besides that, electric heaters have several advantages. They are energy efficient, have safety features, and their versatility and portability make them a perfect heating appliance.

Now that you know electric heaters do not produce harmful gases, you might be willing to buy an electric heater. In that case, do not forget to check Better Home Appliances for a wide range of high-quality and affordable electric heaters.

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