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5 Benefits of Steam Therapy in Winter

During winter, many people suffer from nasal blockage due to cold. Steam inhalation is an effective way to relieve oneself from the effects of a runny nose and clogged nostrils. It is a home remedy that has been passed down from ages. One of the best ways to get a steam inhalation therapy is by using a facial steamer or vapourizer. Facial steamers provide ample steam and come with apparatus that allow your face to rest easily for steaming.

Steam therapy is a great remedy for cold during winter but there are many other benefits of steaming. Let’s check out some of them.

Open Blocked Nasal Passages

Steam provides moisture to dry mucus membranes which collect when one gets sick. It also loosens congestion in the chest and reduces bacterial infections in the nasal passage. This helps to open up the blocked nasal passages and helps to breathe easily. Taking a steam therapy before bed will also allow the infected person to get a sound sleep as the breathing eases and they feel relaxed.

Improves Respiratory Health

Regular steam or vapour therapy can help the treat respiratory infections. Thanks to the steam which comes from the steam, the bacteria in the nasal passage are killed. Along with that it also helps to clear the nostrils from the dirt and pollution collected in the nose during the day.

Helps to Get Rid of Sinus Symptoms

According to research, steam inhalation or vaporization can help to calm symptoms of sinuses such as sore throat, blocked nose and headaches.

Relieves Stress

Steam therapy lowers inflammatory responses in the body and can help to reduce anxiety. Ever noticed that when you get a steam therapy, you come out feeling relived with less stress? This is because your muscles relax. Steam therapy increases blood flow to the muscles and helps to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body by opening up pores.

Improves Skin

Steaming is not only good for congested nostrils but it also good on the skin. Steaming helps to eliminate the sweat and dirt from the face and cleanse it. Along with that, the skin gets hydrated which also allows for skin care products to get absorbed more.

Steaming or using a facial vaporizer in the winter is a great way to cure blocked nose or to get rid of dry skin in winter. However, one must remember that too much steaming is not recommended as it can cause skin burn. Make sure to use the facial steamer in moderation and stay healthy during winter!

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